An SBA loan works exactly the same as the other loans offered by Cardiff. However, there is a lot more information that you need to provide and a lot more paperwork before you can get access to your funds. So if you have the time, patience, and materials you can get a Cardiff loan backed by the Small Business Administration for slightly better rates and terms.

The below section covers the different kinds of loans you can get from the SBA.

504 Loan

This loan works similarly to an equipment financing loan. When approved for a 504 loan, you can get up to $5 million to address any facility or equipment needs.

7(a) Loan

The 7(a) Loan has a similar limit to the 504 but is primarily used for working capital concerns. Anything that working capital loans cover, a 7(a) loan can cover.

Community Advantage Loan

This is an identical loan in function compared to a 7(a) loan. The difference is that this is approved for small businesses in underserved markets. The loan amount is capped at $500,000.


Microloans are the easiest loan to be approved for from the SBA. However, as the name suggests, the microloan is capped at $50,000 with the average approved amount being $15,000.