According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average dentist earns more than $150,000 a year. It’s a salary that will go far in most places, but it doesn’t mean it will cover all of the costs of opening and running a practice. That’s why more dentists and other health care professionals are turning to small business loans to fund their practices.

Here’s a rundown of what you’ll need to know to secure a small business loan to buy or start a dental practice.

How To Get A Business Loan For A Dental Practice

Getting financing for a dental practice will involve an application process like any other loan. You’ll want to have your financing in order, and understand your needs before starting the loan application process.

There are several factors that we will consider when lending money for a dental practice.


Like many careers that require an advanced degree, dentists often graduate from dental school with student loans. Your debt to expected income ratio is one big factor you’ll want to take into account when considering a dental practice loan.


You’ll also want to take into account the dental insurance providers you work with and how long it takes those companies to pay. Waiting on insurance payouts can have a big impact on the cash flow of your practice.


How large is your practice? What do your expenses look like against the number of patients you expect to treat on a regular basis? You may need a larger or smaller loan depending on your goals for your practice.


You’ll need to know how you plan to start your practice. Will you buy a practice from a dentist who is moving on or retiring? Or will you start your business from scratch? Both options have pluses and minuses.

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Buying or partnering in an existing practice typically means you’ll start off with a larger roster of patients, but you’ll also be investing in equipment that has already depreciated in value. And, there may also be a rough transition period as staff and patients get used to your leadership and changes.

On the other hand, starting from scratch will be more expensive, but you’ll have an opportunity to manage things in your own way, as well as choose new, state-of-the-art equipment. Both can be a draw for some patients.

What Are the Loans Available For Dentists & Dental Professionals?

Dentists and other medical professionals can get a number of kinds of loans. You might need upfront capital to finance the purchase or opening of a new practice.

You might need an equipment loan to purchase pricey x-ray or computer systems. Or you may simply need a line of credit to cover your expenses while you wait on lagging insurance payments.

Whatever you funding needs, we have flexible options for dentists. Dental practices typically have lower default rates than other small businesses and are often considered a good risk for bankers.

Short-Term Loans

These loans are ideal for rapid growth and short-term cash flow needs for expansion.

Business Line of Credit

If you find recurring cash flow problems due to delay in payment or other seasonal funding issues, a line of credit can be helpful.

Equipment Financing

If you want to acquire new vehicles, machines, and other equipment for your company, this form of financing works well.

Small Business Administration Loans

If you’re not in a hurry for financing and you’re looking for a longer repayment term, an SBA Loan can work for you.

Business Credit Cards

Owner-operators who need fuel and toll expenses covered can use business credit cards. You’ll need a credit score of 680 or more to qualify.

How to find the best loans for your needs

Finding the best loan for your dental practice is similar to any other kind of loan evaluation process. You’ll want a loan with a low rate and repayment terms you’re comfortable with -- but not so long that the interest starts to get expensive.

What You Need

Preparing your dental practice loan application will require you to share some information with us. The list typically includes:

  • A business plan
  • The amount of dental student debt you carry
  • The practice location
  • Your experience as a practicing dentist
  • Your personal credit information

We will consider a combination of the above factors when determining how much money it can lend, at what rate, and for what term.

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Why partner with Cardiff for your Dental Practice Loan

Partnering with Cardiff for you dental practice loan is different than partnering with other lenders, either online or through a brick and mortar bank, because Cardiff is different.

Their sole business is lending, so they know that business best. And they’re committed to using their 15 years of experience in the business, along with leveraging technology, to truly partner with small businesses so that they grow along with your business.

Starting or growing your business with Cardiff means working with a smart, solution-focused lender that will consider your unique needs and create a financing package that works for you.

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