For many people, opening a restaurant is more than just a small business idea, it’s a long-term dream. Whether you’re a chef or just a person who lives to host others, opening a restaurant is a mix of business savvy, passion, and often a dash of financing.

For many restaurant owners, getting a small business loan can be tricky, which is why many people rely on on combination of funding sources. The sources often include investors, crowd-funding and credit cards, but experienced restaurateurs typically end up using some form of financing.

At Cardiff, restaurants are among our top 5 funded industries. Our average restaurant approval is $95,000. Rates and terms depend heavily on the budget, credit, revenue, and needs of the business owner.

How To Get A Business Loan For A Restaurant

Like any other loan, we will need a good amount of financial information about your business. This is particularly important for start-ups. We want to understand your plan for our capital. We need to understand the special challenges presented by your specific business type, including coffee shops, bakeries, diners, food trucks, fine dining establishments, bars, and nightclubs. We may ask for bank statements and tax returns to help tell your story.

We will also want to know details about your business experience and your credit score, as well as the financial condition of all other significant owners.

When you’ve gathered the relevant paperwork, you’ll fill out an application online, and then work with us to find out how much money we can lend, and what interest rate over what term.

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What Are the Loans Available For Restaurants and Food Businesses?

For restaurants in particular, cash flow needs can vary at different times in the development of your restaurant, so many owners find that setting up a few forms of financing makes sense. Often this can include an equipment loan to get started, a line of credit or working capital loan to keep cash flowing smoothly, and inventory financing to purchase food or supplies that you will later sell back to your customers.

Aspiring food truck owners may also want to consider a commercial vehicle loan to finance the initial cost of their truck, along with a combination of flexible financing to keep the truck supplied.

Short-Term Loans

These loans are ideal for rapid growth and short-term cash flow needs for expansion.

Business Line of Credit

If you find recurring cash flow problems due to delay in payment or other seasonal funding issues, a line of credit can be helpful.

Equipment Financing

If you want to acquire new vehicles, machines, and other equipment for your company, this form of financing works well.

Small Business Administration Loans

If you’re not in a hurry for financing and you’re looking for a longer repayment term, an SBA Loan can work for you.

Business Credit Cards

Owner-operators who need fuel and toll expenses covered can use business credit cards. You’ll need a credit score of 680 or more to qualify.

How to find the best loans for your needs

Working with an experienced and tech-savvy lender like us can often yield the best “package” of financing. At Cardiff we know there’s a lot of competition for lenders online, which is why we have leveraged technology to keep up with the increasing demand for credit and flexible financing options that work for you.

In addition to the modern ease of working with Cardiff, we know that restaurants have passionate owners -- you care deeply about your customers and the craft of cooking and serving food. And we do too.

We will take the time to examine your priorities to make the most of your financing so your restaurant will achieve the goals you’ve set. That way, as your business grows, we can be there for you as you need more equipment or expand your business in the future.